5 rules of the ideal employee

5 rules of the ideal employee

1. Meet your boss
Find out what he likes, what annoys him, what his story is, study books, films, topics your boss recommends. Please note whether your colleagues admit mistakes in communicating with management. Observe and, if possible, yourself, invent such behaviours that the leader will be pleased with.

2. Deal the initiative
Even if it seems to you that you are doing everything as well as possible, remember that you can never see the whole picture, so always coordinate your actions with the leader. Your “good intentions”, applied without permission, will create a sense of loss of control over the process and can seriously damage your business and your career.

3. Work on results
Your efforts and fatigue are not an indicator of productivity, you are only expected from one – a quality and timely task.

4. Take criticism of the leader
It should always be remembered that if a leader makes remarks or raises a tone, it is not to humiliate or punish you. Take the critic’s criticism with gratitude, in the first place criticism is one of the ways to teach you. And if the boss reacts to your oversight calmly – it is worthwhile to be alert, perhaps it is a signal that he has ceased to pin his hopes on you. As Mayakovsky said: “The worst thing is when I’m absolutely keep calm!”.

5. Listen and understand
Be attentive to the words of the leader, delve into their essence, identify the areas that you do not understand, specify. Here, the skills of a good listener and feedback will be very useful, to avoid mistakes and always do what is necessary. Employment job search engine, which consider thousands of job openings from most known job boards and employers can give you a chance to find your dream work and to receive job experience.