You can start on your own today, now, and be a formidable force in the music industry. Technology offers various avenues to excel as an independent artist. There are endless platforms and information on how you can get to your target audience and gather unlimited followers. Growth in the industry is limitless; it is all about implementing the right strategies.

Here is how to be an independent music artist

Connect with your fans

Success in the music industry is dependent on relationship with your audience. Let your lyrics be fan oriented; speak to them, integrate trendy styles they find interesting. Whenever you get a chance to be on stage, make an exemplary performance. Every performance should be memorable to your fans. Take every opportunity; any local concert or event and sing to the audience. Let people know you are a performer. Appear and play in public regularly.

Besides, consider online interaction with your fans. Make use of all the social media platforms; post your tracks, invite your social circle to concerts. Respond to their comments and reactions. The goal here is to build a rapport. Be easy with fans on social media; don’t ignore any comment, if possible reply on every comment immediately. People will be more interested in your posts when you socialize.

Be active on the online platforms; don’t let a day go by without checking your notifications. Online consistency and regularity guarantees you quick rise in the industry.

Consider vlogging. YouTube offers the best platform for interacting with fans through videos. Create quality and relevant videos regularly, they don’t have to be music oriented every time, can be interactive; so long as it is relevant and interesting to your audience.

Build a brand

In the digital era, a brand is inevitable. Music is a highly competitive industry and you are unlikely to bring anything new to the market, there is no discovery; it is about presenting your products in a unique way.

Create unique and attractive graphics to use on t-shirts, mugs, posters, and business cards. The idea is uniformity; something your target audience can identify from a distance. You don’t have to always introduce yourself. Brand is a technique of creating awareness. If you are not conversant with Photoshop or illustrator, consider hiring a professional designer. However, you should be part of the development process because you have the idea of what you intend your company to be, the graphics should reflect your music and goals. Use the brand everywhere to create awareness; post it on social media, use it as your profile photo and so on. You can never overdo marketing.


To be successful in the music industry you need to be committed and focus 100%. You have to focus only on music and push it to all ends despite challenges. Obviously, you will be discouraged at some point. Music as a career might take long, but again, it is dependent on your strategies. Work hard for it; devote your time on creating beautiful pieces.

This might sound a little but off but yes, you should not have a plan B. Second thoughts or dividing your mind distracts you from music, which should not only be Plan A but the only thing your mind is working on. I know, it gets to a point in life when your peers have lots of money and buying houses; refuse to be tempted to take a job to fit in. Chase your dream. For you to choose music as a career, you have to be passionate; don’t relent, or be distracted by other short term solutions to success in life.

Spend wisely

If you are thinking of how to be an independent music artist, you need to be prepared for the low and high times. Your recording will not be selling every day; you will incur losses from some performances. Like you may have to pay for the auditorium or license because the people who attended are too few to match the cost. When it’s all going fine and everything seems to be opening up with regards to finances, only spend what is necessary.

Actually, it’s highly recommended that you hire an accountant you trust to manage your funds. Should you be lucky to receive an advance and huge money is coming in, go for a music manager, of course a reputable one. Tomorrow is uncertain; you should always save and plan for it. What if you get sick for several weeks or involved in an accident and can’t perform? Strive to remain within a budget to cater for the uncertainties.

Be easy to find

After all the branding, awareness campaigns, and working on quality of your music, establish contact info. People should reach you anytime and from anywhere if they have enquiries or want to buy your music. Also, your fans might need to invite you to their local town. The most effective way of communicating with your audience is through a website. Engage a professional or do it yourself to develop a website with contact information and enhance it with features like live chat and a merchandise page.

How and when you implement these tips determine your success; the answer to how to be an independent music artist is with you.

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