Why use Payroll in Turkey ?

Payroll in Turkey is a working method which is gaining more and more notoriety. Defined as a contractual relationship between three parties. The Payroll company, the employee and the client. The principle is both simple and beneficial for both the client company and the service provider.

Payroll in Turkey, in which cases to use it?

With its strong economic potential and its strategic geographic location, Turkey is a dream destination for many companies. Having entered the top 20 of France’s business partners, more and more structures are expanding their activities there. For the latter, Payroll in Turkey is a flexible solution to meet their needs for qualified personnel that they will not necessarily have to hire.

Opening a branch, increasing activity on an ad hoc basis, the need for a skill that is not available in its team, the cases in which you can have recourse to an external Payroll provider are indeed diverse and varied. The Payroll formula allows you to find the skills you need, but not only. As a client company, you will benefit from several other advantages. Here you can find an example of local Payroll services provider in Turkey.

The benefits of Payroll in Turkey for the client company

Payroll in Turkey has many advantages for the client company, including:

The provision of a motivated and competent service provider who will quickly adapt to the life of your business and meet your expectations. Its expertise will allow you to reach the objectives set within the agreed deadlines and the budget allocated;

Simplified administrative and accounting management, with the client company just having to pay the invoices sent each month by the Payroll company.

As no employment contract has been concluded between the client company and the employee, it is in fact the Payroll company that is responsible for taking care of everything. It includes the provider’s tax and social management. More information about Minimum wage in Turkey.

The advantages of Payroll in Turkey for external providers

Payroll in Turkey is beneficial for you, but not only. It also has many advantages for the service provider/employee (s) called to work for your company. A provider who chooses to practice payroll enjoys the freedom to negotiate his contract as he sees fit, both with regard to the conditions of his assignment and his remuneration.

In addition, being linked to the Payroll company by an employment contract, he benefits from the advantages of any employee. He is therefore entitled to a salary, and his social security coverage depends on the general system whose protection is better. The external service provider can therefore accomplish his mission with complete peace of mind, which is beneficial for your company and the projects envisaged.

In conclusion, resorting to Payroll in Turkey makes it possible to find external skills in a flexible and secure legal framework. However, you have to be careful to choose your Payroll company.