Couples, Family, Kids & Online Therapy


The Montreal Therapy Centre was founded in 2003 by 3 passionate classmates who believed that everyone should have access to affordable mental health care. With cutbacks to their public health system, psychotherapy was becoming more difficult to access at the same time that the need for these services was growing. They believed that mental health is the foundation for well-being, solid families and a strong community and so they were committed to build an organization to meet these needs. From their humble beginnings, MTC has grown to include nearly 100 professionals providing therapy in 17 languages.


Since day 1 their mission is to offer high-quality psychotherapy services to individuals, couples and families at affordable rates


In keeping with their commitment to affordable psychotherapy, they offer sliding scale rates. All of their therapists reserve a certain number of spaces to accommodate those in need.


They work with local schools, universities, hospitals, CLSCs and various government programs providing services to their community.


They are proud of their diverse and multicultural team who offer therapy in 17 languages- reflecting the diverse community in which we live. They work with clients of all ages and genders, all sexual orientations and from different religious, and cultural backgrounds.

Location & Scheduling

Their main offices are at 2100 Marlowe Ave- 2 minutes from Vendome metro. Some therapists also work from private offices offering appointments in the West Island, Laval, Outremont, Villeray, and Downtown.

Online Therapy

They now offer online therapy via secure video chat so that you can meet with one of their therapists if you are at a distance or have limited mobility.

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