Behavioral Counselor Resume Samples

A Behavioral Counselor works with people who deal with personal challenges, such as substance abuse, and so on. The job description entails dealing with patients on a one-to-one basis and providing them basic support and counseling. Other core duties are listed on the Behavioral Counselor Resume as follows – discussing the needs and issues of the patient, creating solutions that will help the patient’s family in providing support, working alongside healthcare providers and developing exact treatment options, and addressing the core problem of the patient.

Some of the skills that will help counselors succeed in this role include the following – solid background in providing an array of behavioral health assessment and intake services; experience in planning and implementing intervention plans, knowledge of performing risk assessments, and strong communication skills. A Master’s degree is the necessary qualification.

Behavioral Counselor Resume

Headline : Obtain a rewarding position which will offer a variety of challenges, growth and responsibilities where abilities and skills can be fully utilized. By using the skills developed; Bring to the program knowledge, discipline, dedication, energy and a determined work ethic.

Skills : Microsoft Office, Data Entry, Customer Service.

Description :

  • Provided counseling and education to clients interested in tobacco cessation, weight management, stress management, nutrition, and exercise.
  • Assessed readiness for change to define the counseling approach.
  • Developed individualize treatment plans.
  • Used motivational interviewing techniques in counseling and provided follow-up phone calls to clients as necessary.
  • Documented all interactions in an electronic format.
  • Screened Spanish/English clients for program eligibility.
  • Responded to client’s questions.

Sr. Behavioral Counselor Resume

Summary : To work with students/junviles on specific behavior issues that impeded learning. To assist them with developing appropriate strategies that will allow students/junviles to build positive relationships with peers and adults in order to support success in school/community. Provide guidance to staff in matters relating to challenges the younth are facing.

Skills : Certified in CPR, First Aid and CPI. Comfortable with Microsoft Works.

Description :

  • Implemented the school’s behavioral counseling program.
  • Supervised the Crisis Intervention Room to ensure the safety of those present within the area.
  • Supervised student behavioral difficulties related to school bus or public transportation traveling.
  • Supervised school breakfast and lunch periods.
  • Meat weekly with school administrators to review difficulties experienced by individuals and/or groups of students.
  • Trained staff on non-violent crisis intervention technique.
  • Maintained data records of student’s behavior.

Jr. Behavioral Counselor Resume

Objective : Finding a job in the Mental Health/ Childcare Field. Created a school wide reward system that reinforced positive outcomes. Initiated parental and/or Guardians concerning students progress. Selected culturally appropriate educational materials.

Skills : knowledge of basic computer ; development assessments.

Description :

  • Worked as a youth care professional.
  • Used discretion when dealing with matters of client’s data privacy.
  • Responsible for running their routine daily which includes teaching them skills such as their daily hygiene and care, as well as life skill in how to make a friend or tell someone “no”.
  • Provided and support for their therapeutic treatment needs as coordinated by their therapist and communicate frequently with them, as well as their treatment team which can be a combination of social workers, case workers, guardians, parents, and foster family.
  • Collaborated the most effective approach for treatment and progress for a variety of different diagnoses.
  • Provided supervision and guidance to youth with behavioral and emotional disorders such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FASD), Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), or others as well as Trauma Informed Care.
  • Modled and coached to support youth in learning appropriate daily living skills and behavior modification techniques with the usage of coping skills and varied therapeutic treatments.

Behavioral Counselor III Resume

Summary : Worked in various fields, gaining knowledge and experience. long term goals have always been to pursue a degree as a Registered Nurse. taken classes to allow to apply to this program, and hope to do so in the near future.

Skills : Good People , Communicate Well With Others. Good Time Management .

Description :

  • Trained and charge of ensuring the implementation of safety and health procedures such as monitoring medication side effects (M.O.S.E.S) And Tardive Dyskinesia with (D.I.S.K.U.S) Senior Medication Administrator to youth on unit Manage and update youth medication and records in correlation to doctor and nurses orders.
  • Used discretion when dealing with matters of client’s data privacy.
  • Assisted the nurses with taking vitals, and monitoring our patients for safety during their daily routine, while on the unit by utilizng a 15 minute check sheet for each patient.
  • Escorted our patients to all meals in the cafeteria on the hospitals campus, ensuring they made healthy choices at meal times and had appropriate behavior in the cafeteria.
  • Escorted the patients to their various scheduled activities including school and group therapies to monitor patients for appropriate behavior and their safety as well as the safety of their peers.
  • Monitored their interaction with their peers, and interacted with them to teach and model appropriate interactions and boundaries between staff and patients.
  • Monitored patients for safety during seclusion.

Behavioral Counselor II Resume

Headline : Accomplished professional with demonstrated knowledge, experience and education in psychology, behavioral disorder, childhood courses and professional childcare training.

Skills : Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook.

Description :

  • Performed case management and related duties for assigned caseload.
  • Completed drug testing of offenders on a rotating basis and designate offenders to be tested.
  • Performed on-site urine testing with departmentally authorized instruments, following established policies and procedures; document test results on appropriate logs and forms.
  • Conducted individual and psycho-educational group sessions with assigned offenders on a regular basis, and as scheduled.
  • Referred offenders to appropriate programs and departments based on needs assessment program plans.
  • Developed effective work and activity plans and completed the performance reports.
  • Investigated and processed grievances according to established protocols.
  • Completed parole review summaries, employment information and scheduling information reports.
  • Participated in case status meetings and security status reviews as required.

Behavioral Counselor I Resume

Objective : A detailed-oriented and goal driven individual seeking a position in the Human Service field. With extensive exposure to take on new challenges and complications involved in the field of Human Services. Astonishing quality of working and task driven that is easily adapted in any adverse conditions. ability to manage multiple tasks and work well under-pressure.

Skills : Microsoft Office, SAP, Logility, Logistics.

Description :

  • Responded to behavior crisis situations and deescalate patients.
  • Prevented further escalation of situation and potential to harm themselves and others using “crisis prevention intervention.” Providing physical interventions to crisis situations as needed, following proper techniques and guidelines while assisting in physical restraints that may or may not lead to a seclusion.
  • Promoted and preserved a psychotherapeutic atmosphere among the professional treatment team and functions as informative source of information in the areas of at-risk child behavior patterns. Conduct intake evaluations and assessments.
  • Provided therapeutic services to children, adolescents and families; formulate patient treatment plans, administer and interpret various assessment measures for children and adolescents in order to adequately assess behavior/personality, intellectual abilities and academic achievement.
  • Administered information-gathering questionnaires, provide training to individuals at risk for family maltreatment, and assist other staff members in the research and evaluation of the implemented treatment plans.
  • Maintained contact with clients guardians, teachers and mental health case workers.
  • Provided information on available resources and services available, such as those provided by the community services board.

Assistant Behavioral Counselor Resume

Summary : Enthusiastic Human Resource Assistant with experience in recruiting, managing, counseling, and teamwork. Dedicated and reliable with specialized knowledge in business administration and psychology.

Skills : Microsoft Office, Data Entry, Customer Service.

Description :

  • Maintained confidentiality of records relating to clients’ treatment.
  • Encouraged clients to express their feelings and discuss what is happening in their lives, helping them to develop insight into themselves or their relationships.
  • Collected information about clients through interviews, observation, or tests.
  • Led clients in the development of skills or strategies for dealing with their problems.
  • Counseled clients or patients, individually or in group sessions, to assist in overcoming dependencies, adjusting to life, or making changes.
  • Established and maintained client-related paperwork, including federal- and state-mandated forms, client diagnostic records, and progress notes.
  • Prepared and maintain all required treatment records and reports.
  • Collaborated with other staff members to perform clinical assessments or develop treatment plans.
  • Acted as client advocates to coordinate required services or to resolve emergency problems in crisis situations.

Associate Behavioral Counselor Resume

Summary : Mid level position in Counseling, Social Work, Social Services, and Case Management.

Skills : Suicide Awareness And Prevention Training.

Description :

  • Conducted intake, assessments, and developing treatment plan for patient.
  • Conducted group and individual counseling with emphasis on empowerment through intervention.
  • Helped patients deal with addictions, substance abuse, depression, suicide, stress management, self esteem, and other issues associated with mental health.
  • Guided patients in the development of skills and strategies for dealing with mental health issues.
  • Maintained weekly documentations of progress.
  • Acted as patient’s advocate on various issues, including legal cases, and also resolving crisis.
  • Performed other duties as assigned.

Assistant Behavioral Counselor I Resume

Objective : Experience with handling reports, as well as scheduling and documenting. Team builder. Excel at supervising staff and maintaining order in appropriate fashion. Excellent communication and problem solving skills.

Skills : Management, Research, Communications.

Description :

  • Established treatment plan, annotate adjustments to treatment plan as required over the course of therapy. Provide consultation for medical and mental health providers.
  • Provided record of care in compliance with csb regulations and guidelines. Carry professional responsibility for findings, interpretations, decisions, recommendations, and reports.
  • Recorded progress notes on a daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly basis.
  • Promoted to lead counselor position for the summer enrichment program to supervise and oversee the work of six other behavioral counselors.
  • Developed initial tentative conclusions as to appropriate referral sources or recommended treatment to the case workers; prepared case folders, and incorporated notes and appropriate forms in the folders.
  • Conducted screening interviews in order to determine pre-eligibility for services.
  • Explained tdt program services, requirements, policies and procedures; and obtained pertinent biopsychosocial history and other case information to be incorporated in the file as background for planning indicated services.

Behavioral Counselor Resume

Summary : Willingness to learn and grow as position requires. Self-motivated with a strong work ethic for professionalism and timeliness. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Comfort working independently as well as in group settings while demonstrating leadership and team building. Skilled at learning new concepts quickly while working well under pressure. Strong customer service skills as well as working with challenging behaviors.

Skills : Automtic Call distribution ACD system, Customr account management software, Customer complaint ticketing management software.

Description :

  • Responsible for the direct care, supervision and safety of six clients through their daily routine in the residence (ranging in ages 6-14 years old).
  • Responsible for upkeep of residence including but not limited to planning and preparation of nutritious meals, providing safe, clean and comfortable living conditions, laundry, etc.
  • Updated client records, menus, logs of events, vacation activities, and upkeep of program forms and house inventory.
  • Distributed and maintained client medications.
  • Transported clients to appointments, activities, school and visits.
  • Attended weekly house meetings and staff trainings.
  • Developed initial tentative conclusions as to appropriate referral sources or recommended treatment to the case workers; prepared case folders, and incorporated notes and appropriate forms in the folders.