Why Online Businesses Cannot Afford to Neglect Online Reviews?

One would have to live in a truly tucked away corner of the Earth not to be familiar with the concept of ecommerce and its effects on the global economy or to be stubborn enough to stick to the “good old ways.” Neither takes away from the fact that ecommerce is here to stay.

2016 was a turning point for ecommerce as large retailers who had more than $50 million in annual sales saw an increase from 10% to 100% in their online revenue.

That is not a surprising turn of events because smartphones changed the online shopping game considerably. Nowadays, some 33% of online shoppers use their smartphones as opposed to 31% who use their laptops and 27% who turn to their desktop computers to shop online.

However, another exciting development happened in ecommerce, and it soon became one of the crucial points driving the sales—online reviews. 45% of Americans use their mobile phones to search for online reviews of specific products or even to look for better deals.

So, what is it about the online reviews that appeal to us so much? Better yet, why do we trust perfect strangers to such a degree that we allow ourselves to be so influenced by their opinions and are willing to buy a product we have never used before?

In a nutshell, people trust other people. They trust their opinions and experiences.

The Undeniable Power of Online Reviews

Most people need about 10 reviews before they decide to buy or not to buy a particular product. Considering that the latest data indicate that more than 90% of people turn to online reviews before they decide to buy something, the power of online reviews is not to be neglected for any business, online or any other.

Even if customers are familiar with the fact that some of the posted reviews are fake, they will still turn to reviews. Predominantly, Yelp is an online review forum, and many use it for guidance during their decision-making processes.

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